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May 11, 2014
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Feb 09, 2015
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though I suppose not getting enough sleep would be miserable too." defenseman Rob Scuderi saidCoroner? officials ruled the wreck an accident. some zoo visitors questioned whether the staff should have done more,result 4d tuesday. før han legger et kort på bordet med billedsiden opp (dette kortet kalles turn).Last week.
Music. but the Dodgers had yet to learn the results when Mattingly spoke during his daily pregame meeting with the media. by the American Civil Liberties Union against Veterans Affairs Secretary R James Nicholson and the VA's burial and memorial unit says that by one survey there are 1800 Wiccans in the militaryThe military has long embraced religious diversity as long as a practice does not interfere with duties or harm others Wicca is mentioned in military chaplains' manuals and the Department of Defense for decades has allowed soldiers to list Wicca on their dog tagsDenying Wiccans the long-held tradition of professing faith on grave markers "greatly burdens the free exercise of religion of veterans and their families" according to the lawsuit"All those who served and died for their country should be treated with the same dignity and respect" said Daniel Mach an ACLU attorney "And the government should not be in the business of deciding which veterans' faiths get honored"VA spokeswoman Jo Schuda was unable to fully explain the delays which she said may have been caused by VA regulation changes and the Wiccan religion's lack of a national headquarters"There are a lot of mysteries within bureaucracies and maybe this is one of them" she said "The as-yet unanswerable might come out in the course of litigation"The symbols allowed by the VA include various styles of Christian crosses the Jewish Star of David and emblems for Buddhism Islam and the Native American Church of North America which uses the hallucinogenic peyote plant in its rituals Atheists' symbol is a basic atomic structureIn the Wiccan pentacle the circle symbolizes eternity and the five points of the star represent earth air fire water and the unifying spirit Modern Wicca is a reconstruction of ancient pagan religions that existed in Europe It bows to many gods and goddesses celebrates solar and lunar cycles and stresses the avoidance of harm to othersThe name Wicca in Old English meant witch and the religion relies on witchcraft called magick in hopes of influencing human affairs and natural events Numbers are elusive because there is no central Wiccan church but scholars estimate there are 134000 self-identified Wiccans in the United StatesPlaintiffs in the ACLU suit include Patricia Darlene Howell Corneilson mother of Army Pfc James A Price who was killed in action in Iraq on Sept 18 2004; Kathleen Egbert the surviving daughter of World War II Army veteran Abraham Kooiman who was interred in Arlington National Cemetery in May 2003; and retired disabled Navy veteran Sco

Aug 01, 2017
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