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Lady Shebra Collins is a dynamic woman of God with an anointing of healing. Having been diagnosed with Lupus in 1999, Lady Shebra stood firm on the promises of God.  Soon the Lupus attacked her organs, resulting in heart failure.  In December 2008, the doctor's said they had done all that they could do.

Her family said the doctor's couldn't do anything, but God could.  Standing on the promises of God and used prayer and meditational scriptures to keep her walking in divine health, Lady Shebra stands before us today, in divine health and wholeness...FREE of LUPUS and with a NEW HEART.
She is a 5 year heart transplant survivor and anointed with an unique healing ministry

She now shares these meditations and prayers with you.  This scriptural CD of meditations, used to guide Lady Collins through Lupus & a heart transplant is offered to you as a free download.




My name is L’Vonne McMillan-Smith and I have been blessed to share my testimony of healing. For a few months in 2015 I consulted with my doctor of back pain, dizziness, foot numbness and pain in my right hand. I was sent to the Neurologist and Spine Doctor. I had numerous tests done CAT scan and X-rays to determine what the diagnosis was and how to address the pain that I was having.  I went to physical therapy and was able to learn exercises for my lower back pain. After visiting the Spine doctor, she diagnosed me with a Muscle Disorder. She requested an x-ray of my right hand, and it determined that my bones were separating in my wrist. So I was to wear a brace for 6 weeks and than return in January.

On January 3, 2016, Lady Shebra and I greeted each other after Sunday morning service and she saw me wearing the hand brace, She asked why I was wearing it and I explained that my bones were separating and I had to wear it for 6 weeks. She asks if I could remove the brace and said do you mind if I pray for you? More...

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